Tell Europe about Siena with #2019SI

Between June 25 and July 18 Siena will host a game of participatory storytelling about its places and culture, conducted through Twitter and the method Twitteratura. Everyone can participate.

All you need is a Twitter account. Starting from 25 June, on the site we are publishing excerpts from literary works or reproductions of paintings that embody the cultural heritage of Siena. Everyone could offer comments, impressions, emotions, “rewritings” via Twitter, using the hashtag #2019SI: in short, starting from the experience of those contents you could tweet everything arousing in you. Thanks  to the hashtag #2019SI everybody could share their tweets with all other participants. It will also be possible to use the publishing platform Tweetbook to create custom collections of the best tweets.

During the game you will meet the Twitter accounts of the authors of the works in the calendar and other characters in relation to Siena culture, such as Simone Martini (@Martini_Simone_) and Ambrogio Lorenzetti (@LorenzettiAmbro), Cecco Angiolieri (@ceccoangiolier6), Pia de ‘Tolomei (@Pia_Tolomei), Federigo Tozzi (@TozziFederigoTW), Carlo Cassola (@CarloCassolaTw), Mario Luzi (@LuziMarioTW).

and others. It will therefore be possible to interact with these characters, in a collective experience of dramatization on Twitter.

The places mentioned in the works and tagged with #2019SI will be mapped through the app Litteratour and shared on the web to show possible literary itineraries in the city of Siena. You can visit a place through the stories it contains, and add new stories to it.