#LabExpo, feed the debate

Starting on July 13, read and comment on Twitter LabExpo’s “Science Agreement” with the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation and TwLetteratura: an opportunity to debate on the future of planet Earth.


This summer, LabExpo turns into #LabExpo. From July to October you can read and rewrite the “Science Agreement” of Expo Milano 2015 on Twitter.

TwLetteratura and Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation invite the community of Twitter to debate the main issues of Expo Milano 2015: sustainability, agriculture and nutrition, food and identity, new urban governance, tech and social innovation. The debate will follow the TwLetteratura method: read, comment and rewrite every issue on Twitter.

The “Science Agreement”, written by LabExpo of the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation, is a synthesis of more than a year of work, led by professor Salvatore Veca for the scientific programme of Expo 2015. The paper, which has been written in cooperation with more than 100 universities and research institutes, deals with several issues and encourages the contributions from citizens from the world over: “Science has the responsibility to ask questions, in order to make room for answers”, as professor Veca pointed out.

Moreover, the paper is the scientific reference of the Milano Charter, a co-created “manifesto” addressed to citizens, associations, businesses and institutions willing to grant future generations the right to feed themselves. Those who endorsed the Milan Charter, as well as those who are willing to do it, will find on the “Science Agreement” further cause for reflection.

The debate

Joining the conversation on the “Science Agreement” online is easy. The Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation and TwLetteratura chose six main passages of the paper to debate on, each dedicated to a specific issue. We will read and comment them together on Twitter, and they will be published on the website of the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation, according to the following calendar:

Every day, read the text according to the calendar and comment on Twitter with the communities of @FondFeltrinelli and @TwLetteratura, writing the hashtag #LabExpo. By tweeting you can summarize, paraphrase, transform, criticize and suggest links and online resources to feed the debate. You can as well collect the best tweets with Tweetbook and share them with the community.

The researchers who committed themselves to write the “Science Agreement” will personally take part in the debate. You can interact with them on Twitter scrutinizing the themes you are more interested in. We want #LabExpo to become an opportunity for the scientific community and public opinion to confront each other about the environment, ethics, food culture, sustainable development and the relationship between cities and citizens.

By reading and rewriting the “Science Agreement” on Twitter you will join a debate on the future of the planet and the open platform of the Milan Charter, which is the cultural inheritance Expo Milano 2015. Join the conversation!

Thanks to Translat’Me, you can translate your tweets in other languages: translat.me is a peer-to-peer service between native speakers of different languages, aimed at exchanging translations of short texts. Post the text you want to translate online at translat.me, activate the automatic translation and then ask the community to proofread.


LabExpo, nourrissons le débat

LabExpo - Nutriamo il dibattito