#HamleTw, for Shakespeare

Hamlet is the text we will re-write with #HamleTw, from 1 until 23 April 2016, to celebrate William Shakespeare 400 years after his death.

Hamlet - TwLetteratura

TwLetteratura’s community simbolically participate in the 2016 international Shakespeare celebration, Shakespeare Lives. Re-writing Hamet with #HamleTw, we commemorate the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare on 23 April 1616.

How? By reading and re-writing Hamlet, one of Shakespeare’s most famous works: the tragedy, based on the revenge of the young Prince of Denmark, was probably written by the Bard between 1600 and 1602. Considered a crucial text for every talented actor, it contains lines so well known to be part of the memory of everyone, like the very famous “To be or not to be?”. And the First Scene of the Third Act, containing this line, will be read and re-written in first preview on betwyll, the webapp that TwLetteratura recently developed together with Fondazione Cariplo and which the beta testers can experiment in beta private version starting from April 2016.

The rules of the game

Participating in #HamleTw is very easy. You only need the book and a Twitter account. Read the text of the tragedy following the shared schedule and formulate your impressions, emotions, observations in very short messages of no more than 140 characters, inspired by your reading. Each of your tweets can contain a comment, a summary or a quote, or it could be a re-writing exercise like in Queneau’s style exercises.

To make your tweets recognizable inside the flux of Twitter timeline, always use the hashtag #HamleTw, immediately followed by a slash (/) and the number listed on the schedule (for example: #HamleTw/01 per Scene I of the Act I, #HamleTw/02 for the Scene II of the Act I, and so on).


Hamlet comprises five acts, each of it divided in a variable number of scenes. We will re-write some scenes – the shorter ones – during one day only, while for others – the longer ones – we will take more time. We will not stop during the weekends, following the schedule below.

  • #HamleTw/01 | 01.04.2016: Act I Scene I
  • #HamleTw/02 | 02.04.2016: Act I Scene II
  • #HamleTw/03 | 03.04.2016: Act I Scene III
  • #HamleTw/04 | 04.04.2016: Act I Scene IV
  • #HamleTw/05 | 05.04.2016: Act I Scene V
  • #HamleTw/06 | 06.04.2016: Act II Scene I
  • #HamleTw/07 | 07 and 08.04.2016: Act II Scene II
  • #HamleTw/08 | 09 and 10.04.2016: Act III Scene I
  • #HamleTw/09 | 11 and 12.04.2016: Act III Scene II
  • #HamleTw/10 | 13.04.2016: Act III Scene III
  • #HamleTw/11 | 14.04.2016: Act III Scene IV
  • #HamleTw/12 | 15.04.2016: Act III Scene V (in other editions, Act IV Scene I)
  • #HamleTw/13 | 16.04.2016: Act III Scene VI (in other editions, Act IV Scene II)
  • #HamleTw/14 | 17.04.2016: Act III Scene VII (in other editions, Act IV Scene III)
  • #HamleTw/15 | 18.04.2016: Act III Scene VIII (in other editions, Act IV Scene IV)
  • #HamleTw/16 | 19.04.2016: Act IV Scene I (in other editions, Act IV Scene V)
  • #HamleTw/17 | 20.04.2016: Act IV Scene II (in other editions, Act IV Scene VI)
  • #HamleTw/18 | 21.04.2016: Act IV Scene III (in other editions, Act IV Scene VII)
  • #HamleTw/19 | 22.04.2016: Act V Scene I
  • #HamleTw/20 | 23.04.2016: Act V Scene II

In some editions of the book, the III Act is composed by four Scenes and the IV by eight Scenes. The division of the text doesn’t change: feel free to participate following your edition of the book.

For the youngest readers, we suggest this edition published by Salani; in this case, we suggest to divide the re-writing in Acts:

  • Act I, from Friday 01.04 until Tuesday 05.04.2016
  • Act II, from Wednesday 06.04 until Friday 08.04.2016
  • Act III, from Saturday 09.04 until Monday 18.04.2016
  • Act IV, from Tuesday 19.04 until Wednesday 20.04.2016
  • Act V, from Thursday 21.04 until Saturday 23.04.2016

If you don’t have the book, you can order Amleto at libreria Ubik di Castelfranco Veneto (TV), which will send it to you in the Garzanti edition printed with the original text (7 euro, shipping fees included).

Thanks to Translat.me, the online translators community which offers peer-to-peer language services for free, you can translate your own tweets in Italian or in other languages. Moreover, thanks to Tweetbook, you can collect the best tweets written by the community in a digital e-book (.pdf, .mobi and .epub formats available).

Who can participate

#HamleTw is a game for everyone and for high, secondary and primary school students. For the readers, no registration is required: to participate, just tweet using the hashtag #HamleTw. Every teacher, instead, will have to register the school or the class(es) by sending an e-mail to info@twletteratura.org specifying:

  • name of the class(es)
  • name of the school
  • Twitter account(s) of the school
  • name and surname of the teacher in charge of the project

The teachers who register for the project can certificate their experience online.

#HamleTw in Matera

#HamleTw will end in Matera Saturday 23 April 2016 with some activities organized with Fondazione Matera-Basilicata 2019 and Women’s Fiction Festival. During the day, there will be TwLetteratura workshops on paper in the city schools and a final event to celebrate the re-writing.

#HamleTw at Salone del Libro

To celebrate Shakespeare and #HamleTw we will meet together at the 29th edition of Salone Internazionale del Libro di Torino, Thursday 12 May 2016 at Arena Bookstock at 2.30 p.m.

The partners

#HamleTw is a TwLetteratura project, realized in collaboration with the XXIX Edition of Salone Internazionale del Libro di Torino,  with Tournée da Bar, the cultural project for the promotion of theatre awarded with CheFare 2015 Award, with Fondazione Matera-Basilicata 2019, the promoter organization of Matera Capitale europea della Cultura 2019, with Women’s Fiction Festival, the festival which every year promotes in Matera the best of women publishing and with Biblioteca Jedeteana “Antim Ivireanul” Vâlcea, the TwLetteratura’s partner for the European project Tandem europe.

With #HamleTw, TwLetteratura has a precious technical partner: Smemoranda. The most innovative Italian agenda participates honoring the students’ best tweets with a Smemo 2017!

For #HamleTw, TwLetteratura collaborates with Cubica, the digital factory which developed, SmartIt, the cooperative society for artists which answers the needs of artists and creatives people and Blogmeter, specialized in social media monitoring, analytics and management.

The school activities of #HamleTw are developed in partnership with class IV B Liceo delle Scienze Applicate di Civitavecchia, lead by professor Camilla De Iorio.

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