#Espero by Mihai Eminescu

On betwyll and Twitter, from Friday 8th until Wednesday 13th July, we play with the poem “#Espero” by Mihai Eminescu.

#Espero Mihai Eminescu

#Espero by Mihai Eminescu will be the next text to be read and commented through the TwLetteratura’s methodology on betwyll and Twitter.

Why Mihai Eminescu?

#Espero (original title Luceafăruli), is the most famous poem written by Romanian national poem Mihai Eminescu. Luceafărul was translated in Italian, for the first time, in 2000, with the title Espero, by Geo Vasile: thanks to his translation, we can now publish the Italian translation on betwyll. Espero was sometimes translated in Italian also with the title Lucifer, but this is a mistake. In Romanian, Luceafărul is the common name of planet Venus, the “morning star”. The composition of the poem started in 1873, but its author reworked on it for many years, until it was published in 1883 on Almanahul societăţii studenţeşti Romania-jună in Vienna.

The re-writing of #Espero is a project of TwLetteratura in collaboration with Biblioteca Judeteanã “Antim Ivireanul” Vâlcea and Cristiana Olteanu, partners in “Let’s Culture together“, the European project developed with MitOsts and Tandem Europe.

The rules of #Espero

To play with #Espero on Twitter, use the same rules of all the previous games, based on TwLetteratura’s methodology. Read the book following the shared schedule and elaborate each part of it through interpretations and personal observations written as 140 characters’ messages, starting from what the text and the readers inspire you. Each tweet can comment, resume, quote, or re-elaborate the text. Insert the hashtag #Espero, followed by slash (/) and the number on the schedule for each part of the poem (for instance, #Espero/01 for the first part of the poem, #Espero/02 for the second, and so on).

To participate to #Espero on betwyll, be sure you are registered as beta tester of TwLetteratura’s webapp and download it on your device from App Store or Google Play. Practice with the tutorial “Inizio a usare betwyll” and then start to play with other users: while we work to improve the functionality of the app, we want to inform you that on betwyll you can follow the project “Partecipo allo sviluppo di betwyll”, where you can discuss about the app, propose further developments and new texts to be read and commented together.

Please note: during these first months, the messages published on betwyll (twyll) are not published also on Twitter; if you want, you can participate to this project playing with both the platforms, publishing a tweet for each of your twyll.


“Espero” is a long poem, which we decided to divide in 6 days for the re-writing, following this schedule.

  • [1] #Espero/01 | Friday 08.07.2016
  • [2] #Espero/02 | Saturday 09.07.2016
  • [3] #Espero/03 | Sunday 10.07.2016
  • [4] #Espero/04 | Monday 11.07.2016
  • [5] #Espero/05 | Tuesday 12.07.2016
  • [6] #Espero/06 | Wednesday 13.07.2016

Who can participate?

The game is open to all the readers who want to test themselves with Mihai Eminescu’s poem or test the webapp betwyll in beta version.

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