TwLetteratura beyond borders…with Tandem Europe!

Thanks to MitOst’s Tandem Europe program, our social reading methodology is now spreading across Europe. After Romania, our workshops are landing in Wales to celebrate Roald Dahl, revive Shakespeare and reflect on the current refugee crisis. Stay tuned!


Tandem Europe_Wales_TwLetteratura

For TwLetteratura, November opens with an amazing trip to Wales, where Pierluigi Vaccaneo is meeting other cultural innovators thanks to Tandem Europe, a cultural exchange program funded by MitOst. Together with Head4Arts and their partner, Literature Wales, we are organizing three workshop inspired by some of TwLetteratura’s latest social reading games and targeted at librarians, teachers, writers, youth leaders and other cultural organizations.

In Llanhilleth, the base of Head4Arts, we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the writer’s birth with a workshop dedicated to “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. His perhaps best-known story has in fact inspired #TwWonka, a social reading game for primary schools launched in October, 2015 by Erica Pucci and Maria Cristina Berti, two teachers of TwLetteratura’s online community.

We are then moving to Dowlais Library in Merthyr Tydfil for a second workshop featuring the Prince of Denmark, no less. In April 2016, together with about a thousand readers (including 33 classes from 18 schools), we read and commented Shakespeare’s tragedy through #HamleTw, another social reading game that produced some 29.000 tweets and retweets and we are now eager to play in the UK, as well.

Finally, we are heading to Cardiff Central Library to present #LaTregua, our latest reading, still underway, dedicated to “The Truce” by Primo Levi. In this book, the Italian Jewish writer tells his return journey from Auschwitz across 9 European countries in 1945. An extremely relevant text to reflect on the current refugee crisis and the European difficulty in dealing with today’s displaced persons, despite the huge solidarity effort it was capable of 70 years ago. The project, co-funded by MitOst under the Tandem Europe program and involving Biblioteca Judeteana “Antim Ivireanul” Valcea, as our Romanian partner, gathers 127 classes in 51 schools from 31 cities in Italy on Twitter and Betwyll, TwLetteratura’s social reading app. The project also has an offline component, through weekly live workshops in six of the local community halls in Turin, the final destination of Primo Levi’s journey.

Here’s the full schedule:

03.11.2016, Llanhilleth (Galles)
Llanhilleth Miners Institute
“#TwWonka in Roald Dahl’s hometown on the 100th anniversary of his birth”

03.11.2016, Merthyr Tydfil (Galles)
Dowlais library
“#HamleTw is going home: tweet or not to tweet in the UK”

04.11.2016, Cardiff (Galles)
Cardiff Central Library
“#LaTregua: Italy, Romania and the UK. TwLetteratura’s workshops cross national borders thanks to Tandem Europe”

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