Co-creating Europe in 24 cities

As a conclusion of Tandem Europe, we will be in Greece from January 26 to 28 for the event: “Co-creating Europe in 24 cities”, where together with 14 other European teams we will be presenting the projects carried out during this year of international cooperation.

Tandem Athens

Co-Creating Europe: the event

Co-creating Europe in 24 cities | How cross-border collaboration can make a difference is the event rganized by European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam) and MitOst e.V. (Berlin) at the conclusion of Tandem Europe, a European exchange programme for cultural leaders Associazione Twitteratura has been joining since 2015. From January, 26 to 28 we will be in Athens and Elefsina together with 14 European teams to present the projects implemented in this year of international cooperation.

For the 15 teams attending Co-creating Europe in 24 cities, this three-day event will be an occasion to share the activities carried out during this year of international cooperation, through a series of workshop aimed to collectively discuss projects, actions and next steps in an active way.

The teams were created within Tandem Europe 2015-2017, each pairing two cultural operators from 24 European cities. Each tandem/pair worked for a year on a common social innovation project. The topics of such artistic and cultural projects ranged from freedom of expression to democracy, from community development to social cohesion and much more.

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