#MattiaTw, how the project works

#MattiaTw is a social reading game dedicated to Luigi Pirandello’s The late Mattia Pascal on Betwyll and Twitter. Especially designed for high school students and to measure the didactic impact of TwLetteratura’s method, it is open to everyone who loves reading and playing with books.


#MattiaTw is a two-phase project dedicated to Luigi Pirandello’s The late Mattia Pascal: the first phase took place in November, while the second will start on January, 9. The project is open to all, but mainly targeted at high school students: together with them and their teachers, we will measure the impact of TwLetteratura’s method on didactics, through a protocol developed by Fondazione Cariplo.

How to participate

To partecipate to #MattiaTw on Betwyll, download the app on your mobile device through the App Store or Google Play and start playing with the other users, following the same rules used on Twitter.

To partecipate to #MattiaTw on Twitter, follow the rules of TwLetteratura’s method. Read the text according to the shared calendar and comment each extract with your personal observations or inputs through short messages of 140 characters, always including the hashtag of the day.

Calendar and hashtags

To join the game, you just have to follow our reading calendar, which – for the second phase – goes from January, 9 to 29:

  • week from January, 9 to 13: chapters XI, XII e XIII;
  • week from January, 16 to 20: chapters XIV, XV e XVI;
  • week from January, 23 to 29: chapters XVII and XVIII, Warning and Homage.

It is equally important to include the relevant hashtag indicating the corresponding chapter in each twyll or tweet, just as follows:

  • Chapter I = #MattiaTw/01;
  • Chapter II = #MattiaTw/02;
  • Chapter III = #MattiaTw/03;
  • Chapter IV = #MattiaTw/04;
  • Chapter V = #MattiaTw/05;
  • Chapter VI = #MattiaTw/06;
  • Chapter VII = #MattiaTw/07;
  • Chapter VIII = #MattiaTw/08;
  • Chapter IX = #MattiaTw/09;
  • Chapter X = #MattiaTw/10;
  • Chapter XI = #MattiaTw/11;
  • Chapter XII = #MattiaTw/12;
  • Chapter XIII = #MattiaTw/13;
  • Chapter XIV = #MattiaTw/14;
  • Chapter XV = #MattiaTw/15;
  • Chapter XVI = #MattiaTw/16;
  • Chapter XVII = #MattiaTw/17;
  • Chapter XVIII = #MattiaTw/18;
  • Warning = #MattiaTw/19;
  • Homage = #MattiaTw/20.

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