#Senso: Betwyll in Edinburgh

A new social reading experiment is about to start with the students of the Italian Advanced course at the University of Edinburgh, led by professors Marco Palone and Carlo Pirozzi.

#Senso Università di Edimburgo

Senso by Italian writer Camillo Boito: through this book we will in fact test the didactical potential of our social reading app with the students of the Italian Advanced course at the University of Edinburgh. Following the projects with Indiana University, Harvard University (#Proverbi, #iononhopaura – 1st edition e #iononhopaura 2nd edition) and Hunter College (City University New York) in the USA and Gent in Belgium (#LussuUGent; #Furioso e #Liberata), this time it is Scottish students’ turn to play with the Betwyll and TwLetteratura community.

Professors Marco Palone and Carlo Pirozzi, in collaboration with Alessandro Cabiati from King’s College London (post-doctoral researcher focused on Boito and Scapigliatura), proposed to read and comment on Senso by Camillo Boito in view of the 18th Week of the Italian Language in the World, an event organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to promote the Italian language worldwide. The theme chosen for 2018, Italian and the Web, social networks for the Italian Language, encourages a reflection on the language through social networks: professors Palone and Pirozzi will in fact present the results of #Senso at a dedicated conference in Edinburgh next 16 October.

#Senso: the social reading game on Betwyll

Senso is a novella by Camillo Boito in 1882. The author, brother to the more famous writer and composer Arrigo, was an architect who – like his brother – joined the Scapigliatura movement. The story has a historical background, being set during the Third Italian War of Independence: the main character, sensual countess Livia, reminisces on the events occurred during her honeymoon in Venice, when she met young lieutenant Remigio.

#Senso is a project open to the entire Betwyll and TwLetteratura community: the Scottish students will thus benefit from the participation of native readers, improving their practice of the Italian language. The social reading game will take place on the app Betwyll, available on the App Store and Google Play. From Wednesday, 26 September to Thursday, 2 October, we will read and comment on Senso following the TwLetteratura method: short messages of 140 characters, containing personal reflections and impressions inspired by the text, which we will read following the calendar below.

  • Wednesday 26 September 2018: first part | #Senso/01
  • Giovedì 27 September 2018: second part | #Senso/02
  • Venerdì 28 September 2018: third part | #Senso/03
  • Lunedì 1 October 2018: fourth part | #Senso/04
  • Martedì 2 October 2018: fifth part | #Senso/05