Eutopia Dystopia: open call

Are you a student interested in interactive performance? Would you like to engage in envisioning the future of Europe with us? Join Eutopia Dystopia in Turin!

Eutopia Dystopia



In autumn 2019, TwLetteratura and Danish performance artist Inga Gerner Nielsen will launch their project Eutopia Dystopia and the interactive performance installation Your Past belongs to Them Now at Polo del ‘900. 

Through this call we are looking for young people who would like to envision the future of Europe with us, by taking part in the performance installation. This includes receiving a free training program in immersive and interactive performance, which Inga Gerner Nielsen has been part of developing as an interventionist genre and art-based research method in Scandinavia. The training will take place in Turin, from 21 to 27 September 2019 based on a daily schedule agreed with the participants. Applications must be submitted by Wednesday 31 July. The selections (individual interviews with the artist) will take place via Skype. The selected candidates will be notified via email in late August. 


Training program in interactive performance

We are looking for both university students and students of performing arts to take part in the immersive work of Inga Gerner Nielsen. You do not have to have experience with performing arts, but we are still looking for a specific set of skills

As an interactive performer you have to be able to establish immediate trust when encountering every single audience. They have to feel safe enough to let themselves be guided by you into participating and sharing personal stories in the unknown site of the performance installation. When applying for the call, check into whether you are someone who likes to emphatically encounter and gently make people open up to you. Inga Gerner Nielsen will show you how to train – and work artistically with this skill.

The performance will be in both Italian and English. But the training course will primarily be in English, so a good understanding of the language is requested. 

Performing at Polo del ‘900 in November 2019

In the performance installation Your Past belongs to Them Now, the audience will come to meet you in one-to-one situations set in a dystopian future scenario. You will be performing as members of a future resistance group dedicated to researching new ways of sensuously re-activating memories. The stories shared by the audience with you during their time in the installation are turned into an exhibition of a somatic archive of lost stories about European identity.

Art-based research with Aalborg University and future studies on Betwyll

By taking part in the project you will also become introduced to how interactive performance and participation on the social reading app Betwyll can become a way to conduct art-based investigations and future studies with an audience. This part of the project is developed in collaboration with Research Laboratory for Art and Technology at Aalborg University, which will also participate and collaborate in the workshops and the installation in Turin.

EUTOPIA DYSTOPIAInga Gerner Nielsen has a BA in Sociology and a MA in Arts in Modern Culture. She is the co-founder of the performance collectives Club de la Faye and Fiction Pimps, as well as a partner in the futurist association House of Futures. Her artistic and scientific work is driven by her desire for framing and investigating how people experience and reflect upon the world. While studying sociology, she has developed new qualitative methods to document and study the subjective experience of performance art and the social situations it portrays. She is s a censor at Performance Design at Roskilde University and teaches courses in immersive strategies and performance documentation and research methods. Recently she’s been teaching Art in Context at Universität der Künste Berlin and New Performative Practices at DOCH, Stockholm University of the Arts.


Bando Civica - Eutopia DystopiaEutopia Dystopia is a two-year project realized with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo under “Bando CivICa, progetti di Cultura e Innovazione Civica”.


Special thanks to FRidA – Forum della Ricerca di Ateneo for their engagement in the project promotion and research.