#ProjectPont: a journey through Occitan and Welsh folktales

With #ProjectPont, we will read and comment on Occitan and Welsh legends and myths in four languages on the app Betwyll starting on Monday, 2 March.

Image credits: Marco Bailone


#ProjectPont is a new international social reading and augmented reality project born from the collaboration with Espaci Occitan, Bepart, Head4Arts and Menter Iaith Sir Caerffili and supported by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo. Together we will explore myths and legends from the Occitan and Welsh oral heritage in search for similarities, recurrent themes and places, to revive it in twylls and AR animations. 

The symbol chosen for #ProjectPont is – no wonder – the Devil’s Bridge in Dronero (Piedmont), where one of the legends we will read and comment on together is set. Thanks to Bepart and the students of the local primary schools, based on the inputs resulting from the social reading activity, we will bring the legend to life through an AR installation accessible to all via the Bepart app. And, as usual, we will inaugurate it together with a great final celebration. 

#ProjectPont: the social reading

Among witches and silvans, mythical creatures turned into natural elements, dragons and devils, we will discover two fascinating cultures and languages, rich in History and stories. Together with the project partners, we in fact identified three themes shared by the two traditions and, for each of them, one story in Occitan and one in Welsh. Each story will be published on the app in four languages: Occitan, Welsh, Italian and English.   

From Monday, 2 to Friday, 20 March 2020, we will comment on the six stories on the app Betwyll using the TwLetteratura method. Each week we will focus on a theme, according to the calendar below. Read the stories in the language you prefer and comment on them with short messages of 140 characters using the corresponding hashtag. The project is open to all, but mainly designed for primary and junior high schools. 

Here’s the calendar we will follow:

  • 2-6 March 2020: Witches and silvans| #ProjectPont/01
  • 9-13 March 2020: Metamorphic creatures | #ProjectPont/02
  • 16-20 March 2020: Dragons and devils | #ProjectPont/03

The Betwyll social reading app is available on App Store and Google Play: download it on your smartphone or tablet and start to practice with the tutorial. Few days ahead of the beginning of the activity we will publish the #ProjectPont project with the stories to comment on together. 

The partners

#ProjectPont is a project realized by TwLetteratura with other four partner organizations. Espaci Occitan, an Italian association of public institutions of the Alpine Occitan region dealing with the promotion of the language and culture of the langue d’oc area. Bepart, an Italian organization specialized in participatory artistic production processes. Head4Arts, a Welsh organization dealing with community development and engagement through the arts. Menter Iaith Sir Caerffili, a Welsh organization promoting and increasing the use of the Welsh language on a community level. The project is supported by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo.


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