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Bus Stop - Welsh translation - traduzione in gallese

The magic of translation

Thanks to the TwLetteratura Caerffili Creative Collaboration project, Dan Anthony’s The Bus Stop at The End of the World is now available in its Welsh version….

Sombis Rygbi Gomer Press

La parola all’editore: Gomer Press

Sam Brown della casa editrice gallese Gomer Press condivide il suo punto di vista sulle sfide del bilinguismo e sulle opportunità del social reading….

Sombis Rygbi Gomer Press

Creative Collaborations: Gomer Press

Sam Brown from Welsh publisher Gomer Press shares his views about the challenges of bilingualism and the opportunities of social reading. IT Publishing in…

Rugby Zombies - Sombis Rygby

Zombies coming!

A new bilingual project with Welsh students based on Dan Anthony’s Rugby Zombies – Sombis Rygbi is starting on Betwyll thanks to Head4Arts and Gomer Press. IT …

Rugby Zombies - Sombis Rygby

Arrivano gli zombie!

Al via su Betwyll un nuovo progetto bilingue con gli studenti del Galles dedicato al libro per ragazzi Rugby Zombies – Sombis Rygby. EN Continua…