Literature Wales

Rugby Zombies - Sombis Rygby

Zombies coming!

A new bilingual project with Welsh students based on Dan Anthony’s Rugby Zombies – Sombis Rygbi is starting on Betwyll thanks to Head4Arts and Gomer Press. IT …

Alice's Adventures in wonderland

Festeggiamo con Alice

Il 13 novembre voliamo in Galles per l’evento finale del progetto di social reading dedicato ad Alice nel paese delle meraviglie.  EN Adventures in wonderland: il progetto…

Alice's Adventures in wonderland

Let’s celebrate with Alice

On Monday, 13 November we will be in Wales to celebrate Adventures in Wonderland, the social reading project run in Blaenau Gwent libraries from May to October….

Roald Dahl

Con Roald Dahl Betwyll parla gallese

È Roald Dahl l’autore al centro della nostra prossima collaborazione internazionale: grazie a Head4Arts e Literature Wales, Betwyll sbarca in Galles con #TwWonka. EN Roald…

Roald Dahl

With Roald Dahl Betwyll speaks Welsh

Roald Dahl is the author at the core of our next international collaboration: thanks to Head4Arts and Literature Wales, our social reading app, Betwyll, lands in…